The Voting Arena has started

🔥🔥 Vote for your favorite Tokens and fly to the moon with them!

🌠 The determination of tokens listed on Fidex exchange is in your hands. Grab the chance to support your favorite with only 1 Vote= 1 FEX (0,00000007 ETH) right now if you want to see their steps on the moon. The battle in the Voting Arena is extremely exciting and dramatic because of the intense competition between many potential candidates.

👇 Fast listing and voting with your tokens now at:

🔥 100% token will be burnt.

🚀 Fuel the spaceship, seaten your seatbelt and fly to the moon!

🌠 Community:
FIDEX Official English Telegram Group Chat:

FIDEX Official Vietnamese Telegram Group chat:

Fidex Vietnamese Facebook page:

🌠 Fast listing. Scale up easily. Go global in 1/2019.

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