The first IEO on Fidex Exchange: WB Token

☘️ WHAT IS World Bank Wallet ?

●WB is a technology e-wallet that is always looking for the best way to use
digital money, through AI intelligence. Calculate stock prices and cryptos on
trading platforms to make a profit from price differences …
● Wb is a digital asset integration management platform, providing
senders a secure, convenient and effective application. Easily use your digital
assets anytime, anywhere, enrich blockchain technology and digital money
applications to promote business and social development.
● WB WALLET is a completely decentralized platform. Base on ETH PLATFROM. We are DAPPS of Etherum
● WB Wallet ( World Bank Wallet ) is a product infoDEV Company ( World Bank Supported )

☘️ Features of WB wallet

● WB wallet : is a Blockchain asset that is always looking for the best way
to use digital money through AI intelligence.
● WB wallet : is not an investment, just save money on hand, you can
enjoy more than 10% – 30% of your monthly income.
● WB wallet : wallet is saved, all wallet based on smartcontact, control your time anyway at any time.
● WB wallet : WBank wallet is not just a wallet. It is also compatible with a lot of games such as fun and gaming
● WB wallet : First Binary Option Base on ETH Platfrom

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