InnovativeBioresearchClassic (INNBCL)

Technical info
Token name: InnovativeBioresearchClassic
Token Symbol: INNBCL
Decimals: 10
Algo: ERC20
INNBCL Token description
INNBCL is a token issued by Innovative Bioresearch Ltd, a biotech company performing novel biomedical research in the field of HIV, Cancer and Regeneration. One of the things that sets our coin apart from the other offerings is that it is based on our AIDS cure research. Behind our project there are therefore many years of hard work and investments to perform and publish our research. Investors with us know that they are investing into something real and concrete, and not in one of those bubble soap projects that disappear the day after the ICO because they are not solving any real issue and are just a collection of fancy presentations. With us, investors can easily verify that our project is something real and legit by checking the publications on the NIH database pubmed.
Fior J. An Initial In Vitro Investigation into the Potential Therapeutic Use of SupT1 Cells to Prevent AIDS in HIV-Seropositive Individuals. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(5):e37511.
Fior J. Is a pacific coexistence between virus and host the unexploited path that may lead to an HIV functional cure? Viruses. 2013;5(2):753-7.
Fior J. Salamander regeneration as a model for developing novel regenerative and anticancer therapies. J Cancer. 2014;5(8):715-9.
Fior J. SupT1 Cell Infusion as a Possible Cell-Based Therapy for HIV: Results from a Pilot Study in Hu-PBMC BRGS Mice. Vaccines. 2016;4(2):13.
Moreover, we are working on solving a real global issue such as developing a low cost cure solution for AIDS. There were 36.7million people infected by HIV globally in 2016, 17.5million of which were left untreated, according to UNAIDS. Our mission is to develop a low cost cell-based therapy solution for HIV to allow access to the treatment for those individuals who are normally left untreated due to social and/or economic limitations.
Now let’s focus on the blockchain specific aspect of our project;
The Limitations of Current Centralized Databases for Clinical Data Traditionally, all data generated by scientific research is collected in the form of a scientific article, which is published in a peer reviewed scientific journal, and it is usually made available on a public database such as the NIH’s pubmed database ( When a novel therapeutic strategy, such as our novel cell-based therapy for HIV, SupT1 cell infusion therapy, goes through the several stages of clinical research, different research teams all over the world may perform the research. And once the therapy is finally approved for human treatment, different clinicians all over the world may administer the treatment to patients. This means that when a research team wants to perform clinical research, they have to go through the tedious and time consuming process of searching for all the published data from previous trials, read all the papers, select the useful data, and make the best possible interpretation of the data to create a protocol for their trial, personalizing it for their typology of patients. In fact, every patient may have different individual characteristics (e.g., age, ethnicity, HIV tropism) and thus may require personalized treatment protocols. And the same issue is present when clinicians begin to administer an approved treatment to patients; they have to go through all the papers and make a best guess on what treatment protocol should be used. As mentioned, this process of accessing clinical data can be quite tedious and time consuming, but it can also introduce human error.
A Possible Solution: A Decentralized Database Using the Blockchain to Store and Access Clinical Data
A possible solution to the challenge posed by having to access clinical data from the current ancient system could be provided by the creation of a decentralized database for clinical data using the blockchain technology. This is what we are proposing with the creation of the “You’re not alone” application. First, let’s focus on the blockchain aspect of the app, we will explain why it has such a name later. The “You’re not alone” app would feature a user-friendly interface allowing any clinician running a clinical investigation to enter the data produced by their trials. The application would allow the input of a broad range of individual parameters for each treated patient, such as age, ethnicity, disease progression stage, viral tropism of HIV virus carried, along with the clinical protocol used (e.g., dosage of SupT1 cells infused each week) and the outcome of the treatment (e.g., viral load, CD4+ T cell count). The app would then access and elaborate the data on the fly; statistical analysis (means, standard deviations, correlations, power) and even the elaboration of suggested treatment profiles that could work best for each type of patient could be performed. This would take away the burden of having to manually search and process all the data as in the current centralized databases. And such an application would have an infinite potential for growing. For instance, an amazing feature could be to store in the database the genotypic information of the HIV virus carried by each patient, allowing to keep track of all mutations and genetic modifications caused by the treatment as well as the resulting viral phenotypic changes. Therefore, such a database would be constantly growing and evolving as new parameters are added to it, and it would be always available, anytime, anywhere, and to anyone connected. Such an app would help speed up tremendously the clinical development stages of our AIDS cure research; it could be a game changer. Now, let’s explain why we named the application “You’re not alone”. The application will also document the progress of our AIDS cure research project, featuring periodic updates such as articles, vlogs. This will create a community where HIV seropositive people can stay up to the date, comment, share, interact with us working on the cure, and with each others. Something that creates a bridge between HIV seropositive people and us research scientists working on the cure. Something that allows the HIV seropositive community and anyone interested to be part of this journey. Something that can send the message that they are not alone in their battle. That we are fighting for them. That we care about them. A message of hope. Our vision and intention is therefore to create an application that will also act as a social app for HIV seropositive people to participate and create new topics and discussions to support each others and stand together in the fight against AIDS. Discussions will be moderated by a team of moderators, and qualified physicians will also participate in the community for providing expert medical advice as a free service to the users. The application will also provide information about all the ongoing clinical trials, how to participate, and once the treatment is approved, it will provide information about the clinics and hospitals offering the treatment, and how to make appointments with legit clinicians that are officially collaborating with us. TOKEN UTILITY What is the intrinsic value of a Token? Can you convert Tokens into physical goods? Tokens are not usually backed by the value of actual, real, physical goods and services, which means there is nothing stopping them from falling in value other than trust in the platform. However, we wanted to provide something more for our Token holders. We wanted our Token to be backed by the value of a actual goods and services. Here at Innovative Bioresearch we love JDM cars. Because, let’s face it; imports will always beat muscle cars. Therefore, at the first stage (right after the end of the Token Sale) we launched a partnership program with some UK based JDM IMPORTERS for accessing a selection of high quality JDM classic cars using our crypto as a means of payment. Selection of cars will mostly concentrate on classic iconic JDM cars such as Skylines, Supras, Subaru, and EVOs. We also partnered with the French electronic giant ARCHOS, with a voucher program providing a 20% discount on the ir safe T-mini hardware wallet. More partnerships are coming. We believe that providing such a straightforward utility (i.e., you can directly use our Token to access actual physical goods and services as you would with a fiat currency) can seriously help reaching those customers who are not normally into the crypto world. At the second stage, we anticipate the release of our “You’re not alone” app, were INNBC\L Tokens can be spent to access a number of privileged features in the app ecosystem such as becoming moderator in the the social communities. The 1% of the revenue generated by in-app ads will go to community moderators as a compensation for their work. In addition, Token economy will be integral part of the rep reward point system of the social community. Users who will make particularly useful contributions will earn Tokens. Finally, INNBC\L is going to be spensable to access all our medical treatments/servies; the value of our crypto is therefore directly backed by the value of our biomedical research, a very valuable asset.
2. Unique features
Actually, we have no competitors working with a similar blockchain project related to AIDS cure research.
Why exactly do you need blockchain technology for the purpose of storing clinical data? Couldn’t you just build a well secured database that is fast to search in using a traditional centralized platform?
There are several good reasons actually.
•Immutability. Scientific data need to be immutable. Once a study is peer reviewed and published, its data must be permanently stored and never altered. In the blockchain, all data is stored in every single node, never ceasing to exist, and always staying on the blockchain. It is immutability that gives the blockchain its openness and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance).
•Decentralization. The blockchain is designed to be distributed and synchronized across networks, making data freely available to anyone. We believe that scientific data should be shared and not being hidden behind a firewall.
•Security. The kind of transactions that can be performed are strictly defined in advance and stored in the blockchain as “smart contracts”; this prevents fraudulent data from being added to the blockchain thus ensuring integrity of the database. By contrast, it would be much easier to compromise a centralized database. In conclusion, although it is true that such an application could be implemented with a centralized system, decentralization is the only way to ensure the data is not manipulated, and all information is pubblicly available in a platform that can’t be influenced by the will of any particular entity or government. Decentralization is essential to hand over administrative authority from central institutions managing the data, such as governments and private entities, to the collectivity. In fact, if the database is controlled by one single entity, being it a private entity or government, it means that such entity has total control over the database, and such control can be influenced by personal conflicts of interests. Therefore, decentralization is the only way to ensure that scientific data become public property. In addition, in terms of costs, creating an infrastructure ensuring the same level of data integrity protection of a smart contract deployed on the Etherum blockchain, which is basically impossible to compromise, and most importantly, maintaining such a platform up and running, would simply not be feasible.
3. Media coverage/Awards
Given the importance and novelty of our AIDS cure research, the news of the publication of our latest study exploring SupT1 cell infusion therapy for HIV in humanized mice has been reported by more than 230 international news outlets such as Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Boston Globe, Seeking Alpha, Wichita Business Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,, Wall Street Online Germany, and Medical News Today among many others, resulting in the study ranking among the top 5% of all research outputs tracked by Altmetric ( The press release announcing our ICO ( was also widely mentioned by the media. Being mentioned on PRnewswire and Yahoo Finance is a badge of trust for a company, which is crucial during a token sale to distinguish legit projects from scamcoins.
Community Engagement
Our community:
Our First Telegram group has 56k+ members
Our second Telegram group has 3k members
Our Telegram channel has 46k subscribers
And our Twitter has 13k+ followers at the moment
We launched a series of highly successful partnerships;
ARCHOS partners with INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH to promote its ARCHOS Safe-T mini towards crypto-enthusiasts while taking part to the development of medicinal research through the blockchain Paris / London – Monday, July 9th 2018 – ARCHOS, the French pioneer of consumer electronics, announces today a partnership with INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH, a biotech company bringing innovation to the field of cancer, HIV and regeneration research. INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH is building up an application based upon the blockchain technology. It consists in a decentralized database for clinical data and in a social platform for the HIV seropositive community. It allows clinicians and patients from all over the world to share and access consolidated clinical information in order to start direct trials and treatments faster. To finance the needed development of this revolutionary platform, INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH successfully ended the pre-sale of their INNBC Tokens, with INNBC valued 1€, and a very successful airdrop. “With our Safe T mini, we offer a superior level of security to all ICOs investors We are very proud to partner with Jonathan Fior and the INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH’ team. We are fully confident the blockchain technology is a key contributor in the healthcare industry”, declares Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS. Under the terms of their agreement, ARCHOS is pursuing the promotion of the Safe Mini T, its cold storage hardware wallet delivering the highest security level to keep crypto assets safe offline. INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH will organize a selling event via its 99,000 Telegram groups where users will be able to register and get a voucher to buy the ARCHOS Safe-T mini. For each sale, 3€ will be devoted by ARCHOS to INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH’ ICO. “Our test of the ARCHOS Safe-T mini has been very positive. We are happy to offer a special bonus to our community: the first 10,000 people purchasing their ARCHOS Safe-T mini with our voucher will receive 39 INNBC tokens, valued 39€, from INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH”, adds Jonathan Fior, Founder and CEO of INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH.
ARCHOS, a pioneer in consumer electronics, continues to innovate and revolutionize the consumer electronics market. Among others, the French manufacturer was first with an HDD MP3 player in 2000, a multimedia player in 2003, Google Android powered tablets in 2009, a connected Smart Home in 2014 and PicoWAN, the first collaborative network dedicated to the IoT, in 2016. Today, ARCHOS designs and democratizes solutions with high innovation value: tablets and smartphones, home and IoT, urban mobility and security of blockchains. With headquarters in France, offices in Europe and in Asia, ARCHOS has become a strong pan-European player. ARCHOS is quoted on Compartment C of Eurolist, Euronext Paris, ISIN Code: FR0000182479. Press contacts ARCHOS Bénédicte Ernoult – [email protected] – +33 (0)1 69 33 16 90 Emmanuelle Bureau du Colombier – [email protected] – + 33 (0)6 09 47 23 49 ARCHOS’ official Telegram group:
Innovative Bioresearch Ltd ( is a privately held biotech company founded by research scientist Jonathan Fior, with the goal of bringing innovation to the field of HIV, cancer and regeneration research. In 2012, Jonathan Fior conceived SupT1 cell infusion therapy, a novel cell-based therapy for HIV using SupT1 cells as a “decoy target” for the HIV virus to prevent CD4+ T cell depletion as well as to render the virus less cytopathic. Using a standardized T cell line such as the SupT1 cell line should significantly reduce the treatment costs, allowing access to the therapy where access to traditional HIV therapies is restricted by economic and social limitations. In addition, Innovative Bioresearch is studying salamander regeneration as a model for developing novel regenerative and anti-cancer therapies. In 2018, Innovative Bioresearch relocated their business from Italy to the UK and entered the Crypto space launching their own cryptocurrency, the InnovativeBioresearchCoin, INNBC. Press contacts INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH Jonathan Fior – – + 39 370 337 0489 INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH’ official Telegram groups: View original content with multimedia:
STARBIT INTERNATIONAL and INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH are Proud to Announce a New Strategic Partnership! Dubai / London – Thursday, November 22th 2018 – Innovative Bioresearch – A new approach to science with the goal of IMPROVING HUMAN LIFE – is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with WalkyFit, the innovative win-win results-driven Functional App. Innovative Bioresearch Ltd is a privately held biotech company founded by research scientist Jonathan Fior, with the goal of bringing innovation to the field of HIV, cancer and regeneration research. Innovative Bioresearch launched the INNBC coin for funding their novel AIDS cure research and developing a decentralized database for clinical data, with a token spendable to access products/services from their company and selected commercial partners. WalkyFit – The Innovative Functional Fitness App – is a gaming solution used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the first App to be considered a “token utility dispenser” with a brilliant functional concept: a patent-pending technology, transforming movements into tokens with the goal of spreading the knowledge of Blockchain best project, has never been so easy and fun! Both WalkyFit users and Innovative Bioresearch community will experience different benefits about the synergy of the new partnership: Both have a strategic impact with their extremely effective and unique technologies; – Both have a huge social impact of utility pushing the growth of communities supporting projects and providing an easy knowledge of Blockchain; – Both have the goal of increasing the number of active users in their communities. – BOTH HAVE THE VISION TO BRING BLOCKCHAIN TO A NEW PATH AND EXTEND THE USE OF ITS APPLICATIONS AND SCIENTIFIC BENEFITS REACHING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. WalkyFit users will help to fuel the Innovative Bioresearch project and their popularity. WalkyFit patented token app dispenser distributes different tokens according to the user physical activity (walking, sports) and using an augmented reality game – “coins rain” – creates rains of tokens where users are located. Free users can try the service but Premium users set the key difference. Premium users are not just bounty hunters: they are new passionate kind of lovers of the market and pay for a service that drives behaviors and make them learn new concepts – both theoretical and practical – about the usefulness of the blockchain and related services. These are small professionals and entrepreneurs who love, trade and use useful utility tokens for useful projects. Thanks to the game users discover a new market and get passionate about new projects, exchanging, using and buying the new tokens that are allocated. With actually over 60.000 free users and over 7.000 active Premium (paying) users in the world, the partnership seems to be a great incentive to make the world know more about Innovative Bioresearch project and token economics. To get information on Innovative Bioresearch please visit the page: REGISTER NOW! INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH socials: View original content:
Lastly, we partnered with one of the most talented software developers specialized in blockchain Dapp development Teambit for the development of our “You’re not alone DApp”
HUGE NEWS!!! Innovative Bioresearch and TeamBit ( ) will be partnering to develop the “You’re not alone” app to bring scientific data to the blockchain; #INNBC token utility will be integral to the app ecosystem #yourenotalone #blockchain #crypto #AIDS 8. Office locations Innovative bioresearch Ltd 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU Company Number: 11386871 You can check the company is real on the UK company House gov site: 9. Geographical focus AIDS is a global health issue so our focus is worldwide. 10. block explorer
Geographical focus
AIDS is a global health issue so our focus is worldwide.

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