Fidex Lending program start

Requirement: Minimum 20,000,000 FEX

Converted price: 1ETH = 200,000,000 FEX

It is required to use personal wallet (MEW, TRUST,…) to depost FEX and receive ETH.

Investors deposit FEX into Fidex public wallet below:


You will receive ETH in 24 hours.

FEX lending fees: 3.5%

For instance:

If you deposit 100,000,000 FEX into Fex public wallet you will receive 0.5 ETH. After a month, you will have to return 0.5 ETH back into FEX public wallet then you will get 96,500,000 FEX back. If you can’t return within a month, the interest rate will be increased:

Under 31 days: 3.5%

From 31-60 days: 7%

From 61-90 days: 10.5%

After three months, if you can’t return the ETH tokens, you will lose all of your deposit and the lending contract will be terminated.

We will burn all of the profit we receive from the lending program.

Note: This is lending program, not is buy back program. We help you keep your FEX tokens. This program is only suitable for big investors of FEX.

Fidex Team

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